Monday, July 25, 2011


Amy. Amy Winehouse was an inspiration for many young British female artist thanks to her frank lyrics and open style.

Notes :
I'm not a fighter, but if I am backed up against the wall I'll kick the shit out of anyone ~ R.I.P Amy Winehouse.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


I mean is you in every single step you take. Telah diperhatikan begitu lama. Semakin kurus semakin lemak you menebal. Semakin rajin semakin pemalas you bertindak. I dont care. Scars is mine. I have myright! Esok akan berkelana. Saksikan. Seperti bencananya yang dirasa kini.  Bencana juga lah you nanti.

OMD. Baby is going 6 to 7 month in mytummy. Means about 3 months left. How am i feel?
Not enough sleep.
Cramping. Oh yes. Cramping really make me restless.
Allergy. Sudden!
Oh mycandy. Eventhough ibu feel that way but ibu is always happy carrying you here and there. Ibu tak perlu nak tinggalkan you dengan orang. Like i must do when you go out later. huh. Btw, pagi tadi you kejutkan ibu pukul berapa? 3 o'clock dear! Dont do that again ok! Please. Kalau tak ibu gomoi-gomoi you nanti. Sampai muka you merah-merah sampai you marah-marah. :) I dont mind wether you hero/heroin just JADILAH ANAK YANG MENDENGAR KATA, MENJADI PENYEJUK MATA IBU & ABAH, BERIMAN. See you in the month of September 2011. Hugs!